Happy Memorial Day!

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This weekend, we honor Wisconsin veterans by sharing one of our more recently completed and most captivating collections: World War II Veterans of Mount Horeb.

This project, completed in partnership with Mt. Horeb Public Library in 2008, presents digitized photographs, oral history interviews and memorabilia that document the myriad wartime experiences of six Mt. Horeb natives: Florian Stamm, Willis Martinson, Pat Hitchcock, Ray Cunneen, Wesley Field and Clarence Thronson. Their stories are compelling and serve to remind us of the sacrifices made by service men and women throughout the ages.

Happy Memorial Day and thank you, vets.

Welcome to Finals

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Well this is it. We all survived mifflin and made it to that time of year when libraries get the most attention and students get the least amount of sleep... finals. Student diets include large amounts of coffee and there is enough stress in the air to power a small town.

But just around the corner is summertime. We all just need to calm down and think that this could be us soon...

Good luck with finals everyone, and stay sane! See you back here in the fall!


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School is coming to a close and for some that means it is time to graduate. Whether it is graduating to a higher grade level or moving on to the real world graduation is a time for celebration.

Our collections have images of graduations of all kinds. The image on the left shows soon to be UW Madison graduates on Bascom Hill ca. 1920s.

The image on the right shows girls Dancing at Graduation in the Sande Society. The image is from Liberia in West Africa.

We have images of graduations from high school, military school, etc. Every one with it's own traditions of celebration.

We hope that those graduating this year find the right way to celebrate!