Primary Resources in UWDCC

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We're not just funny photos! Did you know the UW Digital Collections contains primary resources of interest (and use!) to researchers in a variety of fields including American history, American foreign policy, Native American history and Wisconsin history? Some of these collecitons include:

Documents Relating to Indian Affairs
U.S. government documents presenting debate and decisions related to Native American affairs including Documents Relating to the Negotiation of Ratified and Unratified Treaties With Various Indian Tribes, 1801-1869 and the Office of Indian Affairs, Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs.

Foreign Relations of the United States (1861-1961)
The official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions that have been declassified and edited for publication.

The Wisconsin Blue Books (1853-2004)
The primary one-volume reference source about the state including extensive description and statistics on virtually all aspects of life in Wisconsin such as population, geography, history, election data, educational resources, social services, finance, agriculture, industry, and transportation.

Public Documents of the State of Wisconsin (1852-1914)
Annual and biennial reports of all important Wisconsin state agencies from 1852 through 1914.